Supporters rally behind Moncton cannabis dispensary

Moncton cannabis dispensary holds rally after cease and desist
WATCH: Moncton cannabis dispensary holds rally after cease and desist

A Moncton cannabis dispensary says if the RCMP move forward and close the facility, it may fight the matter in court.

The Mounties have served Green Cross Medical with papers informing the owner that unlawful activity is taking place on the premises. The New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety says only Cannabis NB stores are permitted to sell cannabis in New Brunswick.

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Marty Robichaud manages the Green Cross business and suggests New Brunswick law doesn’t apply to medical situations.

“Our shop here is strictly medical only,” said Robichaud. “We serve only medical marijuana patients. We are run and operated by medical patients.”

Robichaud says they are not in business to compete with Cannabis NB.

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“We’re not a bunch of street-dealing thugs with a storefront,” he said. “We’re here to sincerely help people.”

Medical cannabis users concerned with number of dispensary raids
Medical cannabis users concerned with number of dispensary raids

Several supporters and Green Cross members attended a rally on Saturday. They complain Cannabis NB prices are simply too high.

“When you go to places where the prices are so high … I can’t afford it,” said customer Murielle Berube. “This is why I come here”. Fellow customer Pauline Foster added “I can’t afford it on disability so coming here their prices are low because they are medical patients that have went through this and know what the expense is.”

“I think this is the government trying to cover their butts,” added customer Mike Watson. “They’re losing money for Cannabis NB. I’ve been in there once. I won’t go back. They overcharge.”

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Cannabis NB has reported losses in the tens of millions of dollars since opening over a year ago. The Higgs government recently put out a request for proposals for a single private operator to take over.

In the meantime, Robichaud they’re operating minute by minute and are unsure if they’ll be shut down by police or even evicted as early as next week.

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Robichaud says if they are forced to shut down they are prepared to fight the matter in court arguing a Charter of Rights and Freedoms violation.