Brazil firefighter revives nearly dead kitten rescued from drainpipe

Click to play video 'Firefighter resuscitates kitten after rescuing it from drain pipe in Brazil' Firefighter resuscitates kitten after rescuing it from drain pipe in Brazil
Incredible video footage was captured of a Sao Paolo firefighter bringing a kitten back to life. The cat had been stuck in a drain pipe.

A lucky kitten had one of its nine lives saved this week.

A small black-and-white feline was rescued by a Brazilian firefighter from a Sao Paulo drainpipe on Thursday.

The city’s fire department shared video footage of the incredible rescue. In it, a firefighter can be seen giving the kitten CPR until it’s breathing and meowing again.

The Sao Paulo Fire Department shared the video to their official Facebook page, writing that when the kitten was in cardiopulmonary arrest when it was found.

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After the cat was breathing again, police said it was taken to see a veterinarian to make sure it was healthy before being moved to an animal rescue shelter.

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The post, which was verified by the social news wire service Storyful, has since garnered the love of more than 1,000 people.

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“These professionals make no distinction between humans and animals,” one Facebook user wrote. “Life is above all.”

One praised the firefighting team for their “wonderful attitude,” while another commented: “These heroes deserve all affection and respect of society. Always saving lives without distinction.”

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