Budget airline EasyJet vows to operate net-zero carbon flights

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European budget airline EasyJet says it will become the first major carrier to operate net-zero carbon flights, offsetting carbon emissions from the fuel used on every flight.

The company says Tuesday it will offset the carbon “by investing in projects that include planting trees or protecting against deforestation.” The cost of the program is estimated at 25 million pounds ($32 million).

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The airline described the effort as an “interim measure” while new technologies are being developed, including efforts to develop hybrid and electric planes. The measure is part of other initiatives to reduce emissions, such as using a single engine when taxiing.

Harbour Air developing “zero-emission” seaplanes
Harbour Air developing “zero-emission” seaplanes

EasyJet says that as part of a goal to de-carbonize aviation, it has signed a preliminary deal with Airbus to jointly research hybrid and electric aircraft.

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