Liberal Kate Young re-elected to London West

London West Liberal MP, Kate Young, celebrates win at Kubby's . Sawyer Bogdan / 980 CFPL

It was a big win for London West Liberal MP Kate Young, who was re-elected for a second term.

Global News is projecting a Liberal minority government, which didn’t surprise Young.

“We will work with a minority, we will work with other parties to make sure we will do the best for Canada,” she said.

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“We have to keep moving forward as far as climate change is concerned, there are so many things people want our government to do and to do even better.”

Young battled it out against Conservative candidate, Liz Snelgrove, who came in second and NDP candidate, Shawna Lewkowitz, who was not far behind in third.

In fourth was Green representative, Mary Ann Hodge, and last but not least Michael McMullen for the PPC.

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Young was first elected in 2015, after beating out two-time conservative MP and current London Mayor, Ed Holder.

Snelgrove initially sought the conservative nomination for the provincial election in 2018, but lost to Andrew Lawton before being selected to represent the federal conservatives for London West.

Since it was first created in 1968, a mix of Liberals and Conservatives have held the riding over the years.

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The riding covers the northwest corner of London, West of Wonderland Road and North of Southdale Road West.

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London West is home to 126,110 residents and 93,138 registered voters.

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