New Brunswick’s ‘Lipstick Queen’ uses lip colour to create works of art

WATCH: Denise LeBlanc who has been a makeup artist for 30 years now uses lipstick, mascara and sponges to create works of art. Shelley Steeves has more.

A makeup artist from Grand Barachois, N.B., is branching out and making a name for herself in the art world.

Denise LeBlanc is drawing from the same tools she used as a makeup artist in the television and film industry for the past 30 years to produce works of art.

“When I was just a little girl watching my mom apply her makeup in the morning, the transformation after her lipstick would just awe me,” LeBlanc said.

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That’s when the seed was planted.

Denise went on to become a professional makeup artist known mostly for her skills with the lipstick pallet.

“They call me the lipstick queen because I am always mixing until I get the proper colour.”

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That skill and love for lipstick became the inspiration for her newest passion- abstract art.

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She now paints using lipstick as her brush and creating works of abstract art on paper that reflect what’s always been in her heart.

“I feel like that little girl just applying lipstick,” said LeBlanc.

She throws in the odd swipe of mascara for contrast and texture and uses the same tools of the trade, such as brushes and sponges, to perfect her lines and colours.

LeBlanc’s works are on display at the art gallery at Assumption Place in Moncton until October.