Adopt A Pal: Puppy playing in the park kicks off the fall season

Hansel spent some of the first day of fall in Kildonan Park for the latest edition of Adopt A Pal on Global News Morning. Global News

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue joins the team at Kildonan Park with a puppy looking for a forever home.

Hansel came to the rescue as a stray from a remote community, he has a twin sister, Gretel, who has already been adopted. He’s 10 weeks old. Hansel likes to play and also is very curious about what is going on around him. He likes to inform you that he’s in the area by letting out a few barks here and there.

Hansel stops by Kildonan Park to appear on Global News Morning’s Adopt A Pal. Global News

Rescuing animals from remote communities

Manitoba Underdogs is just one of the many organizations rescuing strays in remote areas to find them a forever home. The rescue is made of up of volunteers helping to look after dogs that need different kinds of attention, everything from just finding a new home to helping dogs regain health.

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Volunteers are also aiming to build houses in remote communities as well.

Donations are always welcomed by the rescue, and can be as simple as newspapers to help train dogs, spare lumber from projects to help build dog houses, and leashes, collars, or food.

To see other ways you can help, such as foster or adopting, click here.

WATCH: Adopt A Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

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Adopt A Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue – Sep 23, 2019