Conflicting speed signs in constriction zone leaving Calgary drivers confused

WATCH: A speed sign discrepancy in a Calgary construction zone is leaving some drivers confused. As Josh Ritchie reports, two different speed signs sitting side-by-side has drivers questioning which to obey.

Conflicting signs in a construction zone in Calgary’s southwest has drivers who commute through the area confused.

Northbound on 14th Street, just ahead of the eastbound Glenmore Trail exit, speed limit signs of 50 km/h and 70 km/h sit side by side.

The positioning of the signs has drivers questioning if the conflicting speed limits are for specific lanes or if one rules over the other.

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“Well you frankly don’t know which speed to go, is it 50? Is it 70? Is it 70 turning left and the other one turning right was going the other speed?” Janice Grajauskas said. “It just causes confusion and nobody knows what speed they should be going.”

If drivers happen to be caught in a similar situation, Calgary Police advise people to always obey the lower speed.

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Concerns over the signs are adding to a long list of points of confusion around construction zone rules, such as when drivers should obey the posted speed limit.

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“Construction zones are in effect 24 hours a day,” Sgt. Jon James said. “The reason being is that speed limits are reduced not only for worker safety but also notify the driver there are changes in the road patterns.”

Should you happen to be caught speeding while workers are present, you will be faced with an increased fine, officials said.

The city said it’s looking into the speed sign conflict and working to ensure all signs are being displayed properly.

If drivers come across a similar case of conflicting speed signs, they are asked to contact 311 to report the issue.