Police catch Ferrari driver going 158 km/h in Calgary construction zone

Click to play video 'Calgary police nab speeder going 158 km/h in a construction zone' Calgary police nab speeder going 158 km/h in a construction zone
WATCH: The driver of a luxury sports car has a court appearance in front of a judge after getting caught travelling at an excessive speed in a construction zone in Calgary. Cami Kepke reports – Sep 10, 2019

A Ferrari driver was caught doing 158 kilometres per hour in a 50 km/h zone in Calgary over the weekend, according to police.

On Sept. 7 at 8:30 a.m., an officer was conducting speed enforcement in the airport tunnel, with construction happening in the area.

“He first heard a car accelerating really fast eastbound through the tunnel,” said Acting Sgt. Jason Van Dorp on Tuesday.

The officer pulled the driver over and issued the individual a summons to appear in court “to explain his actions to a judge,” Van Dorp said.

“The tunnel, especially with it being a 50 km zone at the time, it definitely raises concerns about why that driver was driving so fast,” Van Dorp said.

He faces a maximum $2,300 fine, which includes a victim surcharge, and up to a 90-day licence suspension — but he still has his licence and Ferrari.

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“Unfortunately, Alberta is one of the provinces that [doesn’t] seize licences or vehicles on the spot,” Van Dorp said. “Some other provinces like B.C. and Ontario will seize your vehicle on the spot and have it impounded for a period of time. Alberta has not made those changes to the laws yet.

“It’s very frustrating for us as officers enforcing the speed limits when we get speeders going that fast. It’s very difficult for us to give them a piece of paper and let them go on their way.”

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The Ferrari driver offered an excuse for his excessive speed, police said.

“He had recently picked up a friend at the airport and was showing off in his car to his friend,” Van Dorp said.

Police stressed that the signs are there for a reason.

“People have to remember that the posted speed limit is the maximum under ideal road conditions: nice weather, lower congestion of traffic, not under construction, stuff like that,” Van Dorp said.