Daughter of Kingston artist asks public for help in locating father’s artwork

The daughter of a former Kingston artist and teacher is looking for lost works of her late father tom bailey.

Jane Bailey posted to a local Facebook group, asking for the public’s help in finding more pieces of her late father’s artwork.

Her father, Tom Bailey, played an important role in her life. Now, close to 40 years later, she wants to see if she can savor any more pieces from her father’s past.

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Bailey has since posted to a Facebook group called “Kingston Sell it, Buy it, Trade it” asking for the public’s help in finding his artwork, which holds sentimental value to her and her family.

“I thought it was likely that there was more stuff out there that people probably either stuck it in the attic… Or that they had come across it at a thrift store and didn’t know what it was.”

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Though her father had a love for painting, Bailey says he was an artist in more ways than one.

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“He was the art teacher at LCVI and he was also a musician in a local band. So he was active in the art scene in Kingston in the 60s.”

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So far no one has contacted bailey about her father’s artwork, that being said, she is still hopeful that someone has a little piece of her father that she hasn’t seen yet.

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