Baby black bear found taking a load off in Montana hotel ladies’ room

Click to play video 'Baby bear takes quick nap in Montana hotel ladies’ room' Baby bear takes quick nap in Montana hotel ladies’ room
Guests and owners of a Montana lodge noticed a bear sneaking into the women's washroom. Despite attempts to naturally remove him, the bear didn't want to budge. Officials were called in to safely return him to the wild.

The ladies’ washroom at a Montana hotel came into the spotlight after a baby black bear was found taking a rest on Sept. 1.

A video was shared on Buck’s T-4 Lodge’s Facebook page, showing the numerous attempts to get the bear out naturally. Turns out, he wanted to chill out for a while.

“We had a surprise visitor last night in the hotel lobby. A yearling black bear found its way through a window into the ladies’ room,” the post reads.

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“Huge shoutout to Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for keeping our guests safe, while recognizing what a once-in-a-lifetime experience it was,” it continued. “They were professional and safe, and provided a great opportunity for folks to learn a little bit about wildlife management.”

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Completely unbothered by the cameras and shepherds, the bear took a cat bear nap on the countertop, his paws calmly resting in the sink.

Eventually, officials were called in to tranquilize the bear so he could be safely removed and returned to the wild where he belongs.

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Speaking to CNN, David O’Connor, co-owner and general manager of the hotel, said they didn’t notice the bear was nearby before it was too late.

“We heard a bit of a racket in the lobby,” he said. “Sure enough, the bear had found a window with enough of an opening to get into the ladies’ room by the lobby.”

“The bear wasn’t able to get himself back out as the window was too high, but he was real comfortable there. He just hung out on the counter where it was cool, and literally went to sleep,” he said.

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Once he was tranquilized, O’Connor continued, a routine medical check was performed before transferring him back to his forest home.

The lodge sits in close proximity to Yellowstone National park, so wildlife encounters are not uncommon, he added.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office shared the video, writing: “Teamwork keeps people and wildlife safe!”