2019 Canada election results: Victoria

Victoria city councillor Laurel Collins has managed to keep Victoria in the NDP’s hands in the federal election, Global News projects.

Collins is taking over from Murray Rankin, who retired from federal politics after serving as Victoria’s MP from 2012 to 2019 with prominent jobs in the party’s caucus.

The Greens had this riding underlined and circled as a must-win if they wanted to grow their caucus. Instead, Racelle Kooy became the latest Green candidate to place second.

Liberal candidate Nikki Macdonald, the daughter of former Pierre Trudeau-era Liberal cabinet minister Donald Macdonald, placed third. The Conservatives and their candidate Richard Caron came in fourth place.


NDP: Laurel Collins
Nikki Macdonald
Conservative: Richard Caron
Green: Racelle Kooy
People’s Party of Canada: Alyson Culbert
Animal: Jordan Reichert
Rhinoceros: Jasper Duttenhoffer


The riding covers the cities of Oak Bay and Victoria as well as parts of the District of Saanich.

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European: 89,680, 80 per cent
Aboriginal: 5,690, 5.1 per cent
Chinese: 5,235, 4.7 per cent
South Asian: 2,390, 2.1 per cent

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