PNE warns of resold tickets online ahead of Labour Day TLC concert

PNE warning people to be aware of resold tickets online
WATCH: There's a warning for music fans planning to attend the final show of this years PNE concert series. As Jennifer Palma reports, several guests who bought resale tickets to some of the other concerts have been duped.

As the PNE comes to a close, fair officials are urging people to be wary of concert tickets that are being resold online ahead of Monday night’s TLC concert.

Some concertgoers were turned away from Billy Idol’s performance on Saturday night after learning their tickets had been resold.

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According to the PNE website, between 2,000 to 4,000 general admission concert tickets are distributed online or at the PNE Amphitheatre Box Office on the day of the concert. The general admission tickets allow for entry into the venue but do not guarantee a seat.

Reserved seats are for sale starting at $25.

PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance said some people have been reselling their free concert tickets online and there is a risk that “unscrupulous people could take advantage” of public demand by selling the same ticket multiple times.

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With TLC set to perform on Labour Day, Ballance is warning music fans not to go chasing waterfalls, so to speak, but rather stick to the rivers and the lakes that they’re used to.

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“We are aware people are reselling their free concert tickets online,” PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance said.

“So we’re just reminding them to please be aware. We would hate for them to come and find out their ticket had already been sold multiple times and scanned already and so they’re disappointed when they arrive at the fair.”

— With files from Jennifer Palma