2019 Canada election results: Regina Wascana

Conservative candidate Michael Kram has been elected as MP for the Regina-Wascana riding. Kram replaces Goodale who held the riding since 1993.

Regina Wascana is essentially the southeast portion of the Queen City. The boundaries include all of Regina south of Saskatchewan Drive and east of Albert Street. The riding also includes a portion of the RM of Sherwood, just outside the city limits. The eastern border is the same as the RM’s eastern boundary.


Regina Wascana is Saskatchewan’s lone Liberal stronghold. Incumbent Ralph Goodale has been the MP for the riding since 1993.

Goodale’s take of the vote has fluctuated from 40 to 57 per cent during his 26 years as MP for the riding, coming out victorious in the past nine elections. The closet contest in that time was 2011 when Conservative Ian Shields lost by just over 1,500 votes.

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Goodale rebounded from that relatively tight race, defeating second place Conservative Micahel Kram by over 10,000 votes in 2015.

Kram will once again represent the Conservatives in Regina Wascana, but this time there appears to be extra support. Third party group, WestWatch has purchased billboards throughout Regina saying “Send Trudeau a message, vote Ralph Goodale out.”


Liberal: Ralph Goodale, Incumbent, Public Safety Minister

Conservative: Michael Kram

NDP: Hailey Clark

Green Party: Tamela Friesen

People’s Party of Canada: Mario Milanovski

Independent: Evangeline Godron

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