Regina police rolling out new tactic to prevent bike thefts

Regina police are hoping residents in Regina will register their bikes with an online registry they've partnered with to lower bike thefts across the city. Global News

The Regina Police Service is tackling what it calls the rampant bike theft issue in the city through a new partnership with project529, an online registry and community aiming to lower bike theft statistics.

The partnership will allow residents to register their bike with project529’s database for free, and apply shield stickers onto bikes to signify it has been registered.

According to RPS, “The shield is a visual warning telling the would-be bike thief that this bike is registered.”

Regina Police Service (RPS) said in July, there were 637 bikes reported stolen between Jan. 1 and July 16 of this year, up 94 from the 543 reports in the same time frame of 2018.

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Bike thefts have been a consistent problem in Regina. In 2018, there were 1,078 bicycles stolen in Regina, up from 842 in 2017. Peak theft season is from March to July.

Project529 is a network with ties to 400 law enforcement agencies, universities, bike clubs and bike shops around the world. It calls itself a community watch for your bike.

The organization has a campaign called #endbiketheft and their website helps people prevent bike thefts and recover bikes that have been stolen.

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You can register your bike for free at Shields can be purchased online or at Western Cycle or Dutch Cycle.

Earlier this year, the University of Regina also rolled out a campaign to help lower bike theft numbers on its campus and throughout the city with #LockItOrLoseIt. The campaign aimed to spread awareness for proper bike security, as thieves often know how to easily steal a bike that is not securely locked up.

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10 tips for better bike safety

  1. Buy a safe, reliable bike lock.
  2. Never park in isolated or overcrowded places.
  3. Register your bike.
  4. Lock your bike even on a balcony or in a closed garage.
  5. Use a GPS tracker.
  6. Cover your bike during transportation.
  7. Don’t park in the same place every day.
  8. Buy insurance for your bike.
  9. Don’t park in the same place every day.
  10. Bring your bike indoors.

Regina police said residents should “stay tuned,” for a date where they can bring their bike and register it with them.

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