University of Regina seeing an increase in bike thefts

The University of Regina is encouraging students to be proactive after 22 bikes have been stolen since the beginning of April. Global News

The University of Regina is encouraging students to be proactive after an increase of bike thefts on campus.

Since April 1, 22 bikes have been stolen. This is unusually high according to campus security, which normally sees between 10 and 12 bikes stolen during the summer months.

“There’s nothing that we can put our fingers on that would make it higher than usual, but I think it just happens to be an individual or group of individuals that have been keeping an eye on things here, and taking advantage of some unfortunate people,” campus security director, Pat Patton said.

Patton also explained the thefts don’t seem to be happening at a particular time or location. Campus security are working closely with the Regina Police Service to investigate.

Students are being encouraged to purchase a hardened steel u-lock, rather than a cheaper lock, which according to Patton is being easily cut.

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“There’s always other things that people can do too. Ensure that they lock them up tightly and sometimes using two locks, removing anything like a removable seat- a removable wheel. That makes it a lot tougher for someone to take it away if they do decided to steal it,” Patton said.

Students are being asked to report any suspicious activity and if your bike is stolen report it to both campus security and Regina police.


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