2019 Canada election results: Niagara Falls

Global News has declared Tony Baldinelli the winner in the riding of Niagara Falls.

Conservative Rob Nicholson won the riding in the 2015 election. He’d been the incumbent since 2004, however, in April he announced he would be retiring from politics.


Liberals: Andrea Kaiser
Conservatives: Tony Baldinelli
NDP: Brian Barker
Green: Sandra O’Connor
People’s Party Of Canada: Alex Taylor
Independent: Mike Strange
Christian Heritage Party of Canada: Tricia O’Connor

This urban-rural riding spans the entire Niagara peninsula, stretching from the U.S. border in the east to Thorold Townline and Holloway Bay roads in the west.

Niagara Falls has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1953. The riding was created in 1952 from parts of Erie—Lincoln and Welland ridings. It has a riding population of around 128,357.


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