50 Cent on buying 200 Ja Rule concert tickets: ‘They was so cheap’

WATCH: 50 Cent explains why he bought 200 Ja Rule concert tickets

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson III) told host Andy Cohen about the time he bought 200 concert tickets to a Ja Rule concert in the midst of a feud.

The 44-year-old rapper took it upon himself to boost Ja Rule (Jeffrey Atkins) ticket sales last October. The Arlington, Texas, show was seemingly not selling well and resulted in an exclusive Groupon sale which priced tickets at only $US15.

After a long-winded history of insulting each other online, the prankster decided to take things to the next level. 50 Cent supposedly dropped $3,000 after buying 200 tickets under his name just so that they would be empty.

Ja Rule, pictured in January 2009. Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

He later posted several photos to Instagram including a Photoshopped image of him sitting among a row of empty seats. He said, “Lol, at $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands.”

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After being asked by a fan over the phone if he ever heard back from Ja Rule, 50 Cent joked, “No, they (didn’t) call me after that.”

“I love that,” added special guest Kate Upton, as 50 Cent pondered with a big smile on his face.

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson attends For Your Consideration event For Starz’s ‘Power’ at The Jeremy Hotel on May 3, 2018 in West Hollywood, Calif. JC Olivera / Getty Images

“I just happened to see them…” joked 50 Cent, “they were right there for you to buy, and I was like, ‘they was so cheap, I might as well just buy them.”

The crowd erupted in a burst of laughter.

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The two rappers have been involved in a longstanding feud since 1999 following multiple physical altercations.

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They have continued to fuel the burning fire over the years with back-and-forth tweets and sporadic diss-tracks, including Rule’s 2008 hit, New York, which sparked Cent’s fiery retaliation, Piggy Bank.

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The conflict originally reemerged in September, following the last-minute cancellation of Rule’s concert in Syracuse. He apologized to his fans over Instagram with a video, which has since been removed.

Cent mocked Rule by insinuating no one would have shown up anyway. He said, “Only 10 tickets sold. Nobody want to see that s**t. You talking about wait, we get a lot a people on the walk up.” He added “Get the f**k outta here, get the strap.”

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