Girl in wheelchair rescued after falling off dock into the ocean

Click to play video 'Wheelchair-bound girl rescued after falling off dock into the ocean' Wheelchair-bound girl rescued after falling off dock into the ocean
Girl in wheelchair rescued after falling off dock into the ocean – Aug 19, 2019

A cruise ship party in the U.S. Virgin Islands screeched to a halt when a girl in a wheelchair fell off a dock and into the ocean in Saint Thomas last week.

DJ Kashief Hamilton was playing a set when he heard loud screams and saw his colleague, Randolph Donovan, running towards the edge of the dock.

Donovan, 34, wasted no time springing to action.

Before someone began recording, he dove off the dock into the turquoise water to save the girl who was slowly sinking because of her heavy wheelchair.

“I got her out of her wheelchair,” he told CNN, adding that someone threw him a life preserver shortly after.

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It wasn’t long before Hamilton joined his friend in the water.

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In the video, Donovan can be seen kicking furiously to keep himself and the girl afloat. “I can’t go no more,” he reportedly told the DJ.

Eventually, onlookers were able to pull them all to dry land.

After getting the young woman safely up to the dock, Donovan can be seen receiving a hug from what is believed to be one of the girl’s family members, before walking away from the scene to catch his breath after the ordeal.

The girl has not been identified. However, Carnival Cruise Line says she was a passenger on board one its cruise ships.

“The guest was seen by our medical team and did not sustain injuries,” the cruise line told CNN in a statement. “A complimentary wheelchair has been provided for the duration of the cruise.

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“I can’t stop thinking about her face,” Donovan told CNN. “Her eyes were wide open, in shock. It’s something we’ve lived with every day since the incident.”

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The duo are now regarded as local heroes, and they even received a congratulatory call from Albert Bryan Jr., the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Senator Kurt Vialet, who is a representative of the area, took to Facebook to thank them.

“Everyday heroes with unassuming personalities live among us! Earlier today I announced on the Senate floor the heroic mission of two individuals from Saint Thomas who saved a young girl’s life who fell in the ocean by the WICO dock,” he wrote.

“Hats off and kudos to Mr. Kashief General Kuntry Hamilton and Mr. Junior Donovan! Job well done and thank you for your willingness to assist with this duty today! I know that young lady’s family is forever grateful and we as a people are proud of you! Again, thank you heroes!!!”