Playland ride ‘The Beast’ malfunctions, spilling oil on thrillseekers

Playland's "The Beast" Credit: PNE.
Playland's "The Beast" Credit: PNE. PNE

Playland thrillseekers had a scary moment when popular ride “The Beast” had a malfunction while customers were riding it on Monday afternoon.

Playland spokesperson Laura Ballance said people heard a loud noise while it was running.

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“It had what we believe to be a parts issue,” she said.

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“Our ride operations team did exactly what they were trained to do, which is bring the ride to a slow stop, and the ride did exactly what it was designed to do in coming to that stop.”

Luckily all customers were able to exit the ride safely.

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Some non-toxic oil leaked off the ride due to the malfunction, Ballance said.

“The ride did drop oil on the guests that were on the ride as well as some that were in the line for the ride and we apologize for that,” she said.

Product safety and cleaning information was given to customers affected, Ballance said.

The Beast will be closed in the coming days as they investigate what went wrong.