Garage and cars destroyed after fire in southwest Calgary

Fire crews hosing down what remains of a garage after a fire in Bridlewood. Michael King / Global News

Fire crews were called to the 300 block of Bridlewood Court just after 4:45 p.m. on Friday for reports of flames coming from a garage.

Brendon Trudeau, a neighbour who had just gotten home from work, said that as soon as he saw the smoke, he ran to the home to see who was inside.

“I just smelled smoke and burning. I turned around [and] I noticed some smouldering coming from their garage,” Trudeau said. “I ran over, banged on the door and made sure everyone was going to get out.”

Trudeau said he couldn’t believe how fast the fire spread.

Tom Kaake, a chief with the Calgary Fire Department, confirmed at least two people got out safely and that there were no injuries.

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He added that there was significant damage to both the attached garage and the home, as well as two vehicles.

“We have smoke damage in the house and there will be some charring,” Kaake said. “They won’t be able to stay in the house tonight.”

There was some minor damage to a neighbouring home’s siding, where a dog was removed as a precaution.

Kaake said fire crews would be staying on scene well into the night to watch for hot spots, and to investigate the cause of the fire.

Kaake added that there are some precautions people can take to limit the chances of a garage fire.

“If you store flammables, sometimes a malfunction of the vehicle can cause a fire,” he said.

“Your flammable chemicals should be kept in a metal locker,” Kaake said. “Don’t let garbage pile up in your garage. If you don’t need… chemicals, take them to the chemical drop-off and make sure your car is in good repair.”



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