Scott Moir engaged to former skating partner — and it’s not Tessa Virtue

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Rocking the rink
WATCH: Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue chat about their “Rock the Rink” tour – Apr 10, 2019

Scott Moir is officially off the market and it has nothing to do with his skating partner of 21 years, Tessa Virtue.

As it turns out, despite our romantic fantasies, Moir has had eyes for one woman this whole time: Jackie Mascarin.

During a speech at he and Virtue’s Canada’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Ilderton, Ont., on Wednesday, the 31-year-old casually dropped the engagement bomb.

Scott Moir sat between his fiancee, Jackie Mascarin, and former skating partner, Tessa Virtue, at their Canada’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Geoff Robins/CP
“My Aunt Carol, she’s pretty good at picking partners, I will say that,” he said. “This one [Virtue] seemed to last a little longer and the first one she gave me [Mascarin] is now my fiancée, so that works out right?”
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He and Mascarin have kept their relationship tightly under wraps until now, though he has talked about having a skating partner before Virtue.

As mentioned in their joint book Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold, Moir had been ice-dancing with another girl before partnering up professionally with Virtue.

Moir became Virtue’s first skating partner, which eventually led them to global fame.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the 30-year-old Olympic gold medallist took to Twitter with a playful post in search of a wedding date.

“Thank you for the kind words,” Virtue wrote. “Currently looking for a +1 for an upcoming wedding.”

Moir and Virtue skated into hearts worldwide as on-ice love interests at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Throughout their career, they’ve taken home five Olympic gold medals, the first figure skaters to ever accomplish this.

Their fairy-tale act was so convincing that they clearly fooled the world — despite constantly fending off romance rumours — into believing they were actually in love.

Their biggest fans are feeling the burn.

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One tweeted in response to the person who shared the Facebook live footage: “I won’t say that it didn’t hurt.”

WATCH BELOW: Virtue and Moir impress skating fans in Lethbridge

Click to play video: 'Virtue and Moir impress skating fans in Lethbridge'
Virtue and Moir impress skating fans in Lethbridge

“Omg is this for real??? Now I’m really really so sad. I thought he’d finally…finally end up with Tessa no matter what,” another die-hard fan commented, while another said: “brb crying.”

Of course, there are also many who are over the moon for Moir and Mascarin, with one Twitter user commenting: “Such an off-handed comment about the fiancé! [sic] I want to know more!!!!”

“Excellent news! Congratulations, Scott!!!!” another wrote.

While their fandom is certainly divided as they grapple with the end of country-spanning fantasy, there’s thankfully plenty of video footage to look back on and relive it.

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