Donkey joins man singing ‘The Circle of Life’ from ‘Lion King’

Click to play video: 'Hitting a high note: Singing donkey goes viral' Hitting a high note: Singing donkey goes viral
A South Carolina man who is achieving internet fame for a viral video of his donkey singing along to The Lion King's "Circle of Life," said the entire video started as a joke with his friends. The 25-second video has garnered more than 3.1 million views on Facebook, in addition to being shared across other social media platforms and websites – Aug 1, 2019

Travis Kinley bought his “trouble-making” donkey for only US$100. Little did he know, he was investing in his future singing partner.

In a video that boasts over 3 million views since he posted it on his Facebook page a week ago, the South Carolina native breaks out into song, belting out The Lion King‘s opening track, “The Circle Of Life,” by Elton John.

Much to his surprise — and to the delight of the internet at large — Kinley was joined by his donkey, Nathan, braying in the background.

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The 31-year-old’s original idea to take a hilarious video for his friends didn’t exactly go according to plan, but it went much better than he could’ve ever anticipated.

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“Did the Lion King opening and Nathan joined in with me! I love this dude! #DareToShare #IWokeUpLikeThis,” he captioned the video.

“I got [Nathan] from about the North Carolina, South Carolina line. He was causing some trouble at someone else’s house and I just picked him up for 100 bucks, he seemed alright with me,” Kinley explained to WLTX.

He continued: “I got in the pasture, I gather all the hoses… I start singing and Nathan starts to bray behind me, and I’m kind of blown away because we never do this together; we never sing together. He keeps going, so I keep going, and all of a sudden I just kind of break down laughing at the end.”

Naturally, Twitter is obsessed with this new singing duo. One person even suggested they deserve a recording contract.

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Another fan likened the donkey to “that friend we all have who sings horribly off key but they enjoy it so much we’ll never mention it.”

One even broke out their best donkey pun, writing: “Nathan is singing in the key of DONkey.”

Travis and his donkey are certainly living the “Hakuna Matata” life.

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