2019 Canada election results: Cape Breton-Canso

Voters in Cape Breton-Canso elected Liberal candidate Mike Kelloway as their MP in the 2019 election.

With Liberal MP Roger Cuzner deciding not to run again in the last election, the riding of Cape Breton — Canso was set to vote for a new representative.

The biggest name that was in the race was longtime PC MLA Alfie MacLeod. He was among four provincial politicians in Nova Scotia who were taking part in the federal election.

Cape Breton – Canso has been a Liberal stronghold since Cuzner took the seat in 2000.


Liberal: Mike Kelloway

Conservative: Alfie MacLeod

NDP: Laurie Suitor

Green: Clive Doucet

PPC: Billy Joyce

Independent: Michelle Dockrill

National Citizens Alliance (NCA): Darlene Lynn LeBlanc

Global News is featuring the candidates for all parties running candidates in the upcoming 2019 general election. For a complete list of candidates, visit Elections Canada.

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This is one of two ridings in Cape Breton and includes includes a U-shaped section of southern Cape Breton Island, as well as a piece of the northern mainland.

More geographical information on the electoral district can be found at Elections Canada. 


Cuzner has held the riding since 2000 and won a sixth-straight term in 2015.

Before that the NDP won the riding when it was created in 1997, the year Cape Breton-Canso was created and the same year that Nova Scotia sent 6 NDP MPs to Ottawa.

It’s not the first time that Alfie MacLeod is vying for this federal seat. He ran in 2000 only to lose to Cuzner.

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