2019 Canada election results: Cardigan

Global News has declared Liberal Lawrence MacAulay the winner in the riding of Cardigan.
So far, MacAulay has collected 49.3 per cent of the votes with 88 of 90 polls reporting.
The results of the 2015 federal election in this PEI riding were familiar for longtime residents as Liberal Lawrence MacAulay retained his seat.

MacAulay – a career politician who has represented Cardigan since 1998 – served under Trudeau as the minister of veteran affairs and as associate minister of defence.

Monday night’s win gives MacAulay 10 straight election wins in the riding.


Liberal: Lawrence MacAulay (Incumbent) (Elected)

Conservative: Wayne Phelan

NDP: Lynn Thiele

Green: Glen Beaton

Christian Heritage: Christene Squires

Global News is featuring the candidates for all parties running candidates in the upcoming 2019 general election. For a complete list of candidates, visit Elections Canada. 

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The riding of Cardigan covers the eastern side of Prince Edward Island.

More geographical information on the electoral district can be found at Elections Canada.


This riding has been a Liberal stronghold since Lawrence MacAulay was first elected in 1988.

The last non-Liberal to take the seat was the Progressive Conservative’s Pat Binns in 1984. Binns lasted just one term, and prior to him the riding had alternated between Liberals and Progressive Conservatives for several elections.

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