Moose on the loose in southeast Calgary tranquillized, relocated

Moose on the loose in southeast Calgary
WATCH ABOVE: Calgary Fish and Wildlife officers relocated a moose that was found wandering in the area of Fisher Road and 71 Avenue S.E. on Thursday morning.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers tranquillized a moose that was wandering around southeast Calgary on Thursday.

The moose was first spotted on Fisher Road S.E. just before 8 a.m.

Police told Global News they hoped it would leave the area on its own before officers would have to be called in, but by 9 a.m. it was darted as it walked near 71 Avenue S.E.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers told Global News it appears to be the same moose that was tranquillized and relocated after being spotted in Calgary a couple of weeks ago.

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“After relocating it, she decided to come back,” Sgt. Scott Kallweit told Global News. “Probably a city girl at heart.”

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“If moose are being sighted doing normal things we usually elect to leave them, but in certain other cases when they’re in these [industrial] areas … We usually elect to move them somewhere where there’s better moose habitat.”

Alberta Fish and Wildlife started getting calls about the moose on Wednesday evening after it was spotted in the community of Braeside.

“It started to make its way north,” Kallweit said. “Ideally, it would have found its way to either Canyon Meadows out into Fish Creek, or maybe to Glenmore Reservoir and out of the city that way, but unfortunately, it ended up going the wrong direction.”

Moose come to the city due to the lack of predators.

“They can usually live pretty comfortably amongst people … As long as people are giving them a lot of space, that’s what makes them feel comfortable.”

Alberta Fish and Wildlife said the moose will be transported west of the city before being released.