Edmonton police issue warning about convicted sex offender released from prison

A file photo of Marty Ryan Bouvier. Supplied by EPS

Police are warning Edmontonians about a convicted sex offender, recently released from Bowden Institution, who they say will “not be under any form of supervision after Thursday.”

The Edmonton Police Service issued the warning about 23-year-old Marty Ryan Bouvier on Wednesday evening. They said privacy concerns were considered before issuing the news release but that they believe the public’s right to know trumped any privacy concerns.

Police said Bouvier “will be in the Edmonton area initially upon release,” but did not elaborate further. They said they have “reasonable grounds to believe he is of significant harm to the community and will commit another sexual offence against a female under the age of 16 while in the community.”

“Bouvier has a history of sexual offences against young female victims and has been known to lure them over the internet and has attempted to grab them when encountering them out in public,” police said.

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“Bouvier’s risk for violence increases significantly while under the influence of alcohol.”

Bouvier is six-foot-two and 157 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair. Police said anyone with information that law enforcement should know about Bouvier can contact the EPS at 780-423-4567.

“Members of the public are advised that the intent of this process is to enable citizens to take suitable precautionary measures,” police said.

“Releasing this information is not intended to encourage people to engage in any form of vigilante action.”

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