Group of Quebec residents taking on Enbridge

A group of Quebec residents is trying to take on oil pipeline giant, Enbridge.

They want the company to drop its plans to reverse the oil flow in an existing pipeline between Sarnia, ON and Montreal, as well as stop a planned increase in oil to 300,000 barrels per day.

The National Energy Board (NEB) has already approved the reversal on part of the pipeline between Sarnia and North Westover, ON.

The Quebec residents fear that eventually Enbridge will be carrying oil from Alberta’s oil sands to Montreal and that brings big risks.

“If the pipeline spills and the tar sands get in the big water reservoir – all the water that we drink from will be full of oil,” said twelve year old Samuel Babin.

The residents are distributing a petition calling on the Quebec government to hold environmental hearings on the proposed project, known as Enbridge Line 9B Reversal.

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But the pipeline giant has already held six public sessions and insists the public has nothing to fear.

“For the last decade we’ve been carrying over 12 billion barrels with a safe delivery record of 99.999 percent. And that’s not enough for us. We want 100 percent,” said Eric Prud’Homme, a public affairs manager with Enbridge.

The NEB will hold hearings on Line 9B later this year.