London brewery looks to help homeless population beat the heat

Dundas and Sons Brewing Company's storefront on Adelaide Street, south of Dundas Street. Dundas and Sons Brewing Company / Facebook

It’s been a scorching hot week in the Forest City, and while many of us have the option of keeping cool in our homes, there’s a significant number of people who are struggling to get relief.

That’s why a local brewery has stepped up to help people experiencing homelessness beat the heat.

“A lady had walked by [the bar] and she was beet red with terrible burns,” said Robert Dundas of Dundas & Sons Brewing Company.
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“I’m not quite sure what kind of programs exist and I’m not sure if they’re being utilized properly, so I figured I’d put the all-call out and try to get community support to [help those in need] get access to these things,” he said.

Until the end of August, the brewery is collecting items that offer relief from the heat and protection from the sun.

“There’s a lot of less fortunate people, and you know, we’re only just one or two traumatic events from being one of those people. They’re just humans too right?” said Dundas

“Helping them is something that we shouldn’t shy away from. You can judge a society based on how they treat their less fortunate, in my mind anyway.”

On Thursday, Dundas said he picked up a water cooler and it now sits outside the bar free for anyone to use.

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Donations of hats, water bottles, sunscreen, and any other items that help protect someone from the heat and sun can be dropped of at the bar at 400 Adelaide St. N., just south of Dundas Street.

“I’ve never done anything quite like this before…but this is something I think needs to be addressed,” said Dundas.

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