Ed Sheeran drops music video for ‘Blow,’ featuring Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton

WATCH: The highly-anticipated music video for Ed Sheeran's rock anthem, 'Blow,' featuring Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton

After releasing the pummelling and insanely popular rock hit Blow with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton last Thursday, Ed Sheeran has now dropped an accompanying music video.

Although many were hoping to see the unlikely trio join forces in the three-and-a-half minute-long music video, fans instead were treated to an all-female, six-piece band fiercely lip-syncing their way through the track at the fictional “Viper Room” venue.

“Y’all wanna see six girls whoopin’ a**?” wrote Mars, 33, in an Instagram post. “Go check out the official video for Blow.”

The female equivalent of Sheeran was portrayed by Cherish Waters, with Jordan Kelly DeBarge taking the role of Stapleton and, lastly, Cheyenne Haynes as Mars. They were accompanied by bandmates: Francesca Simone, Venzella Joy and Lauren Dais.

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“When you’re done,” added Mars, “let these rockstars know they killed it! Thank you.”

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In a comment posted to one of Mars’ posts, Sheeran, 28, wasn’t afraid to admit who the real star behind the song was, revealing that the 24K Magic singer not only wrote and directed the music video, but he also produced Blow and recorded all of its instrumentation.

“You’re the best, man,” he wrote. “Bruno ‘produce and play all the instruments then write and direct the video’ Mars. Love ya, bud.”

The actresses posted respectively to their own Instagram accounts thanking Mars for allowing them to be part of the “masterpiece” video.

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“Please believe me when I say blood sweat and tears went into the making of this masterpiece,” wrote DeBarge. “It couldn’t have been accomplished with out the creative mind and direction of @brunomars.”

“Proud to kick a** with these ladies,” added Haynes.

“I remember watching @brunomars live videos like every night in high school,” wrote Simone. “Such an incredible entertainer, inspiration, and human. Literally couldn’t move the whole week after this shoot from all that head banging,” she concluded. “So worth it.”

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Upon release, Blow was received incredibly by fans of all three artists.

Although the concept of a rock song from a singer/songwriter, R&B star and a country artist confused the likes of many, it ended up impressing the majority of them.

Here’s what some fans had to say about Blow:

“I’m gonna need Ed Sheeran to do more songs like Blow, because that s**t is on fire,” wrote one Twitter user.

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“Wow,” commented another. “Never thought I’d like an Ed Sheeran song, but his new one, Blow is killer hard rock. Great riff, drums and energy. Man, it kicks ass.”

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Blow is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Additionally, No. 6 Collaborations Project can now be pre-ordered and saved through this link. It’s set to be released next Friday, July 12.

As of this writing, Sheeran has no scheduled Canadian tour dates, however he will conclude the extensive Divide world tour on Aug. 26 after a final string of U.K. and European dates.

Additional details and tour dates can be found on the official Ed Sheeran website.
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