Edmonton man attends 27th Rolling Stones concert

Donovan Workun and his kids at his 27th The Rolling Stones concert.
Donovan Workun and his kids at his 27th The Rolling Stones concert. Courtesy: Donovan Workun

Even after seeing the Rolling Stones 27 times in concert, Donovan Workun still can’t get no “Satisfaction.”

The Edmontonian recently returned from his latest Stones concert in Burl’s Creek, Ontario.

His first? October 21, 1989, in Los Angeles.

“I was a huge Rolling Stones fan in Grade 9. I got my brother’s record collection, I think that was part of it. Those original records. Then I was like, ‘Wow this is really good stuff,’ and I loved it ever since,” Workun explained.

LISTEN BELOW: It’s only Rock ‘n Roll: Edmonton man attends 27th Rolling Stones concert

Workun — who is part of Atomic Improv, an internationally acclaimed comedy group — said he remembers his favourite show fondly.

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“Here in Edmonton — was amazing,” he said.

“They did two shows in the ’90s. I was doing improv, a complete Rolling Stones set.

“After the first night, some of the backup singers and the keyboard player all showed up at the sidetrack, standing in line. I got them into the bar, I paid for their entire tab and then I drove them back to the hotel in my car.”

The next day he was front row at the concert and caught the attention of the keyboard player.

“Chuck Leavell yells: ‘Donovan! Donovan!’ he’s pointing and waving at me and at that point I thought, ‘This show is just for me… this is the best thing ever,” he laughed.

He’s also shared a bit of screen time with the iconic band.

“I’m in the IMAX movie! July 4, 1990, at Wembley Stadium.”

Donovan Workun and his kids featured in LA Weekly. Courtesy: Donovan Workun

As a kid, the first record he ever bought was “Undercover of the Night.” Now, he’s passed on his appreciation for the band to his own children.

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“They’ve lived with The Rolling Stones their entire life. One time I came back from a Stones road trip and my son had a Rolling Stones DVD on and he had pulled a table up to the screen so he could walk on it like a catwalk and he was doing his Mick Jagger impersonation.”

He took his children to Anaheim to see the Stones for the first time six years ago.

“There were protesters there! Religious protesters saying: ‘The Rolling Stones are the devil,’ and I said, ‘Still? They’re senior citizens!'”

Though the group is getting older, Workun said he doesn’t see signs of their concert energy slowing down.

“I’ve seen a lot of bands. There’s always a bit of a lull in the shows I see, except the Rolling Stones.”

The Rolling Stones performing. Courtesy: Donovan Workun
“I think [these performances] may be the last shows in Canada. I thought they were going to keep going… but they are older now. But I guess they love it. They really love performing,” Workun said. “Even now, for [Mick Jagger] who’s 75 years old, I was amazed at how rock ‘n roll he was.”
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Workun already has another concert booked, heading to Seattle on August 14.

“But, someone could talk me into seeing them in Phoenix too,” laughed Workun.

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