Bear jumps off Peachland porch and into the headlines

Click to play video: 'Bear leaps from Peachland deck' Bear leaps from Peachland deck
Watch: Raw footage of a bear leaping from a Peachland deck. Courtesy Jay Robertson – Jun 27, 2019

A black bear in the Peachland area is making a stir online after it was captured on video leaping from a deck onto a nearby tree.

The act of athleticism was filmed by Renfrew Road resident Jay Robertson on Monday morning.

As a former northern B.C. resident, Robertson said he is used to seeing wildlife, so when he discovered the bear on his deck he decided to film it from inside the house.

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“It was surprising to see one this close on the deck, but we are sort of on their turf so it is sort of to be expected,” he said.

"I've never seen a bear jump at all let alone that kind of distance."
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After it made the leap the bruin climbed down the tree and left.

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But Robertson was curious about the feat so he measured the distance and found the bear had jumped seven feet between the deck and the tree.

He joked that after this incident he will no longer be assuming the noises on the deck are always just falling pine cones.

“I’ll pay more attention to the cracks and crackles I hear in the bush now,” he said.

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