Cute video alert: 4 geese, 35 goslings on parade in south Edmonton

4 geese, 35 goslings on parade in south Edmonton
WATCH ABOVE: Four geese and 35 goslings were captured on video out for a walk in southwest Edmonton on Monday afternoon. The video was provided to Global News by Katie Dorey.

An adorable video was captured in Edmonton on Monday, showing a number of geese and dozens of goslings out for an afternoon walk.

The video of four geese and 35 goslings walking in a row was taken by Katie Dorey in the southwest community of Magrath. She was on her way to work when she pulled over to film the gaggle.

One by one, the geese walked down the road, capturing the attention of many passersby.

“Neither of us has seen this many goslings all together, nor have we ever seen a parade like this,” Margaret Dorey, Katie’s mom, told Global News.

“It made me think of my favourite childhood story: Make Way For Ducklings.”

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The neighbourhood is located along Whitemud Creek Ravine and those who live in the area often see wildlife, but say seeing this many geese altogether was new.

“We have tons of geese, especially in the spring when they return north to nest. They often stand on neighbourhood roofs and yell/honk at everyone,” Dorey said.

“Ducks — a pair nested in a neighbour’s back yard — storks, an occasional heron, beavers and what we suspect might be an otter, moose, and coyotes — one trotted by twice, three metres from another daughter and I while we were setting up Christmas lights.”

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