Canine company makes working out at Calgary gym ‘a lot more fun’

Click to play video: 'Calgary gym members enjoy canine company during workouts: ‘Makes it a lot more fun!’' Calgary gym members enjoy canine company during workouts: ‘Makes it a lot more fun!’
WATCH: Getting yourself motivated to head out for a workout can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. But at one Calgary gym, patrons know they can always count on a special member of the team to really get them moving. Gil Tucker has the story – Jun 7, 2019

Settle into a workout station at Kings Fitness in Calgary and chances are you’ll soon have a four-legged friend beside you, wagging her tail.

“This is the gym dog Kilo, who acts like she owns the place,” said Kamini McClellan, introducing the pup to Global News.

Actually, Kilo’s owner Leo King owns the place, and he’s been bringing his dog to work almost every day since she was eight weeks old.

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Kilo, who’s now four years old, is a veteran member of the team.

“She definitely gets into the spirit of the workouts,” McClellan said. “It makes it a lot more fun!”

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Kilo isn’t the only canine companion at Kings Fitness. Patrons are welcome to bring their dogs along any time they come to workout.

“No gyms usually have pets,” Ericka Smith said. “It’s great for a lot of people.

King says he’s never had a problem with any of the dogs.

“We’ve never had any chewing issues, haven’t had any pieces of equipment destroyed,” King said. “They’re all really well-behaved.”

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And patrons who don’t have pets enjoy working out with the dogs around.

“It definitely adds to the atmosphere of the gym,” John Naron said. “Feels like more of a home atmosphere, rather than just: ‘Come here and workout and leave,’ kind of thing.”

And when it comes to helping create that atmosphere, there’s no question Kilo is the leader of the pack.

“You’ll see new members come in and she’ll play shy for a little bit,” Tia Tangen said.

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No matter how much weight they’re trying to hoist, gym members know they can always count on Kilo for a bit of a boost.

“Spurring you on when you’re about to collapse and throw in the towel,” McClellan said. “She’s there, cheering you on!”

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