Florida man arrested for allegedly slapping girlfriend in face with cheeseburger

Kyle Jamison Jones is pictured in his mugshot, released by Florida police.
Kyle Jamison Jones is pictured in his mugshot, released by Florida police. Fort Pierce Police/Martin County Sheriff's Office

We’ve heard of food fights, but this one really takes the cake cheeseburger.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, 30-year-old Kyle Jamison Jones was arrested on May 4 for allegedly slapping his girlfriend in the face with a cheeseburger while she was asleep in bed. He was charged with battery, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

Police were called to Jones’ residence by his live-in girlfriend, 28, who reported the attack-by-burger. The woman, who remains unidentified, also claimed that Jones pulled her hair and kicked her down the stairs. She said he “woke her up by slapping her with a cheeseburger.”

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Officers arrived on scene to find the woman covered with cheeseburger particles, “visibly upset” by the alleged altercation.

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Police said there was no clear motive or cause behind the supposed violence, but Jones admitted to authorities at the scene the pair had a verbal dispute.

He “refused to say anything about becoming physical with the victim,” said police.

“Kyle Jamison Jones wanted it his way,” said the sheriff’s office in a statement on Facebook. “When he didn’t get it, things between him and his girlfriend escalated.”

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Authorities on the scene found no injuries on the woman, but discovered “several remnants of said cheeseburger on her person,” supporting her accusation. She declined medical attention and said she didn’t want Jones to be arrested, according to the police report.

Jones was released from the Martin County jail on bond.

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