Cougar spotted at WinSport in Calgary

Winsport officials said animal sightings happen often in the area, but a cougar sighting is rare. Adam MacVicar / Global News

WinSport officials have confirmed a cougar sighting in their neck of the woods.

On Tuesday, staff and tenants at WinSport were notified of the sighting, which happened in a wooded area near the top of the ski jumps.

“At this time of year there’s not a lot of public around and it’s been isolated in the treed area,” Dale Oviatt, WinSport senior communications manager, said. “So for our staff and the operations team that’s out there preparing for the spring and summer season, they’re the ones that have to remain vigilant.”

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According to Oviatt, WinSport provided staff with tips on what to do if they come across the cougar.

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The area in which the cougar was spotted isn’t open to the public, which downsized safety concerns for staff on the property.

Despite the amount of cougar sightings throughout the city and surrounding area over the last few months, a cougar sighting at WinSport is rare.

“Cougars aren’t very often seen around here,” Oviatt said. “We do see a lot of wildlife, especially deer, and there’s always bunnies running around, but really not a lot of cougars.”

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According to Oviatt, conservation officers on scene believed the ongoing construction work on either side of WinSport could have driven the cougar into the area.

The cougar is believed to have left the area and potentially the city, and there is no warning to the public at this time.

Global News reached out to Alberta Fish and Wildlife for comment on the sighting, but have not received a response.

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