Former Regina doctor faces professional misconduct charges linked to sexual relationship, prescriptions

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Doctor faces professional misconduct charges for sexual relationship, improperly prescribing opioids
A family physician is facing numerous charges of professional misconduct stemming from his time in Regina, and it is not his first run in with the professional regulator. David Baxter reports – Apr 26, 2019

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan have laid several unprofessional conduct charges against a Regina doctor involving breaching sexual boundaries, improper billing, and improper prescribing.

Dr. Jordan Velestuk has not responded to the college’s charges. If he denies some or all of the charges he will have a hearing before the college’s disciplinary committee.

The sexual boundaries charge involves the allegation that Velestuk was treating his spouse.

College evidence says Velestuk began treating “Patient 1” in March 2014, prescribing medications to that individual on a number of occasions.

“There’s an expectation that physicians would not, in usual circumstances, provide medical treatment to immediate family members,” said Bryan Salte, legal counsel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Salte added it would be permissible in extraordinary circumstances like an emergency or if no other physicians are available. However, in Regina he found the latter situation highly unlikely.

The college says he submitted billings to the Medical Services Branch for Patient 1 between March 2014 and December 2017.

The province’s Personal Health Registration System was notified that Patient 1 was Velestuck’s spouse at some point between May 2017 and December 2017.

It goes against professional guidelines for a physician to treat a spouse or immediate family member outside specific situations like an emergency.

The college also alleges Velestuk improperly submitted billings for treating Patient 1.

He had informed the college he would no longer practice medicine in Dec. 2016, but received approval to return to his practice in Nov. 2017.

It’s alleged Velestuk either permitted or submitted billings to the Medical Service Branch between Feb. and May 2017 for Patient 1.

The college alleged that Velestuk also sent emails to medical officials posing as someone named “Chelsea” and another doctor in June 2017.

Charges relating to improperly prescribing involve several patients seen between 2015 and 2017.

This includes allegations that Dr. Velestuk did not properly track what he injected a patient with, failing to provide information surrounding possible prescription abuse while continuing to provide that patient with drugs, and dispensing ketamine to a patient without recording that medication.

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Velestuk previously plead guilty to professional misconduct charges in 2014 for stealing ketamine in 2012. His admission of guilt took place in March of 2017.

“If there is a finding of unprofessional conduct for any or all of these charges, I would anticipate the council, which would impose penalty, would be advised of the previous conduct and that would be one of the things they consider in determining what the appropriate penalty is,” Salte said.

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Following this incident, he agreed to stop his medical practice in May of 2013. He was allowed to resume his practice in June of that year – vowing to avoid controlled substances and submit to random drug testing.

In his latest professional misconduct charges it is alleged he falsified urine samples.

Velestuk currently practices at the Moosomin Family Practice Centre in Moosomin, Sask.

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