Albertans starstruck by Kevin Costner during movie filming

Click to play video: 'Smalltown Albertans starstruck by Kevin Costner visit during movie filming'
Smalltown Albertans starstruck by Kevin Costner visit during movie filming
WATCH: Some small Alberta towns have enjoyed a front row seat to a big budget film featuring some Hollywood celebrities this past week. A production team has been shooting a 1960's era movie in parts of Didsbury and Fort McLeod. Jill Croteau reports – Apr 18, 2019

The small Alberta town of Didsbury is used to being the backdrop for Hollywood filming. Fargo and Wynona Earp have shot television scenes there before.

But locals admit they were beyond excited when they discovered Kevin Costner and Diane Lane were the stars of a thriller set in the 1960s called Let Him Go.

Owner of JD’s Restaurant, Jae Teskey, said when a scouting crew approached her to film inside her business, she didn’t hesitate.

After a few re-modelling tweaks, including fresh paint, film crews spent several days shooting the scenes. Teskey said she was pretty captivated.

“Very nice gentleman…I love his movies, right? He’s got this voice, really kind of calm tone. Yup, that’s real.”

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Kevin Costner in Didsbury. Jennifer Reber

Stylist Rose MacRae works at New Look Hair Design next door to JD’s. She couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of the actor.

“It doesn’t hurt that I’m in love with Kevin Costner and have been all my life.”

Rose MacRae, works at New Look Hair Design. Jill Croteau

“I made a few comments that I don’t want my husband to hear,” laughed MacRae.

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Everyone seemed impressed at how grounded the A-list actor was, indulging anyone who wanted a selfie.

“He seemed very approachable and wasn’t standoffish by the looks of things. Diane Lane was here as well. She’s beautiful and he’s so tall. I didn’t realize how tall he is,” MacRae said.

Owner of Vintage Coffee Bar, Brooke Mierke, said their stay has been great for business.

Didsbury street where filming took place. Jill Croteau

“As soon as word got out that it was Kevin Costner, some of the ladies came in yesterday and sat and stayed all day long looking for Kevin,” Mierke said.

Those people who did have the guts to approach the celebrity were pleased.

“He’s not shy. He mingles with the crowd.

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“One of the guys who came in yesterday was part of the film crew and said he never experienced this in 10 years of filming,” Mierke said. “An actor that just comes out and hangs out with everybody — pictures, autographs.”

Film crews set up outside Didsbury Hospital. Jill Croteau

Film crews were also filming at the Didsbury Hospital. No word when the film will be premiered, but the townspeople are anxiously waiting to see their familiar spots on the big screen.

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