‘I took that bat and hit him upside the head like ‘Pi-yah!’: 65-year-old woman slugs half-naked attacker with baseball bat

65-year-old woman slugs half-naked attacker with baseball bat

A 65-year-old Florida woman used a baseball bat to fend off a 300-pound, half-naked man who allegedly charged at her after attempting to break into her vehicle on Sunday.

Clarese Gainey noticed a large man, dressed only in boxers, allegedly trying to break into her vehicle. The woman explained to WGFL News, the man was pulling on the car door handles and pounding on the windows.

Gainey said she called police but not before taking matters into her own hands.

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“So, I grabbed my bat, I brace myself, I brace myself,” the animated woman told the news station. “I eased the door open.”

Gainey said that’s when Antonio Mosely, who police estimated to be around 300 pounds, allegedly charged at her.

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“I took that bat and hit him upside the head like ‘Pi-yah!’” Gainey said, demonstrating her skills. “He’s like ‘Ooowwwww!’”

According to police, Mosely fled from Gainey’s home after taking a bat to the head, running to a nearby mobile home park.

With the assistance of a canine unit, police were able to track the suspect, finding him in a mobile home, this time with clothing on. According to WGFL News, police found cocaine in Mosely’s jean pockets.

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Mosely is being held in the Alachua County Jail with two counts of burglary and drug possession.

Holding her baseball bat, Gainey said the suspect was lucky to only have suffered from a hit to the head.

“He better be glad I didn’t have a gun,” the woman said. “Because I would have shot him. But this is my gun right here, because I went ‘Pi-yow!'”