Funny YouTube video shows GO train commuters running to cars like animals

A Mississauga man created a comical video showing GO train commuters running their cars like animals.
A Mississauga man created a comical video showing GO train commuters running their cars like animals. Youtube / Sheel Radia

A Mississauga man has created a comical video in the style of a nature documentary showing GO train commuters running to their cars during rush hour.

A YouTube video titled The Runners shows how transit riders often bolt out of the station once they get off the train and dive straight towards their cars to beat the traffic getting out of the parking lot.

Sheel Radia said he thought it would be funny to capture commuters in this state because it happens to everyone every day.

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“Anyone who takes the GO train can easily relate to and understand the humour behind it,” he said.

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Radia said it’s been an ongoing trend of GO train commuters and he’s noticed the amount of traction the subject gets online.

He said one of the possible reasons people run for their cars could be the lack of traffic lanes available, which creates a traffic pileup once people miss the initial green light to get out of the parking lots. Cars that are a moment slower get stuck in a queue waiting to leaving the train station parking lot.

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“I think it’s just the people trying to beat that rush of getting to the lights and not having to wait the four to five minutes to leave the parking lot.”

While there’s not much that can be changed about the behaviour, Radia said he hopes changes can be made to improve the flow of traffic.

“It can get hectic in the lot when people just want to drive and try to manoeuvre around the people that are running.”

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Radia said he personally doesn’t run for his car and prefers to stroll through the lot. He said he finds the run doesn’t actually save him that much time.

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As for the video’s style choice, he said he was inspired by documentary-style animal videos.

“I thought this was a bit funnier,” Radia said. “Humans are animals, after all, you move around and [I] thought it would be kind of funny to document humans in a more animalistic way.”
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