KML slaughterhouse invites Global News for inside look

Click to play video 'Inside KML Meats the Westwold Slaughterhouse' Inside KML Meats the Westwold Slaughterhouse
A tour inside the slaughterouse near Westwold that has been accused of improper dumping of animal waste remains, – Apr 12, 2019

Welcome to Westwold.

Nestled between Vernon and Kamloops, this is cattle country. Most residents here raise beef for a living.

But allegations of improper waste dumping of animal remnants at the local slaughterhouse have disturbed the peace in this normally quiet community.

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Veterinarian Teresa Jacobson, a neighbor of KML Meat Processors, says she found a severed cow’s leg on her property and claims it came from the slaughterhouse.

And Jacobson isn’t the only person pointing the proverbial finger at the slaughterhouse.

Global News spoke with one local rancher who wished to remain anonymous.

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The rancher said some in Westwold’s cattle community are “extremely concerned with some of the practices at KML Meat Processors,” adding “they need to be held accountable for how they deal with offal.”

Brian Read started as the new GM at KML Meats in mid-January. He previously told Global News that he has nothing to hide and offered to take us for a tour.

“Let’s have quick peak at what we do and how we manage the building,” Read said.

From the freezers to the cutting room to the killing floor, KML Meats opened its doors of the facility and welcomed Global News.

WATCH BELOW: History of KML slaughterhouse at Westwold, BC

Click to play video 'History of KML slaughterhouse at Westwold, BC' History of KML slaughterhouse at Westwold, BC
History of KML slaughterhouse at Westwold, BC – Apr 11, 2019

“A lot of the consumers understand the animal is euthanized properly, but they really don’t want to see it,” Read said.

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After 50 years in the industry Read claims he runs a tight shop and as been hired to make things right at KML.

“That’s it. That’s my job,” Read said.

The tour then moves outside to where veterinarian Teresa Jacobson claims the severed cow’s leg originated.

Read freely admits he’s had to clean that up that up, too.

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“We made sure that if there was anything there that shouldn’t be there, we removed it. We didn’t just bury it,” Read said

But Read added he can’t be held accountable for the way things were done prior to arrival.

“I’ve seen evidence of abuse and I’ve taken it serious. Whenever I see something, I react to it,” Read said.

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As for concerns about the plant’s practices, Read says he has an open-door policy.

“Exactly, come and see me. Please,” Read said.

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Jacobson says she will do just that.

“If he can be open and open his door and communicate,” said Jacobson, “then I think good things can happen.”