Bear on a tear: Watch this cub book it down a California street

Police track bear running through California neighbourhood

A bear cub wandered into Yuba City, Calif., earlier this week and was captured on video making a run for it while police tracked the animal hoofing down a city street.

Authorities were alerted to a possible bear sighting Tuesday evening. Yuba City Police located a bear, which officials believe was a cub, as the animal stood about five-feet tall and appeared to be about 125 pounds.

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California Fish and Game officials suggested for officers to leave the bear alone, allowing the animal to make its way back into the sticks. However, a few hours later the bear was spotted again roaming another neighbourhood.

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Authorities posted a video of the bear encounter, showing the cub running down a neighbourhood sidewalk in full gallop.

“The responding officers were able to confine bear to a field… where it climbed a tree and remained in the tree,” Yuba City said in statement.

Fish and Game officers responded to the scene where they tranquilized the bear and were able to safely capture the animal, removing it from the area. The officers added that no one was injured, including the cub.