Hungry bear rips car to shreds after being lured by gummy bears

Click to play video: 'Hungry bear breaks into car in Colorado in search of snacks' Hungry bear breaks into car in Colorado in search of snacks
Hungry bear breaks into car in Colorado in search of snacks – Apr 8, 2019

A hungry bear with an apparent sweet tooth destroyed a family’s car in Colorado after being lured by the sweet smell of, well, gummy bears.

On Thursday, Cate Siegel was about to leave for work when she noticed her car’s interior was torn apart, thinking someone had broken into it overnight.

“I looked in and I was like, ‘Oh, my God! What is going on — did someone break into my car?’” the Breckenridge resident explained to CBS4 News.

After taking a closer look, the woman realized the interior of her car was torn to shreds, the radio pulled out and wires dangling everywhere.

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Siegel’s car was definitely broken into, but the suspect just so happened to be a hungry bear.

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“He must have just got in, got up and around, got in the back seat and left a little surprise,” Siegel said, referring to some poop the bear left behind.

Siegel told the news station the garage door of her family’s home was also opened overnight, suspecting the bear must have stepped on the remote door opener left inside her vehicle.

“He swiped that, must have stepped on it, opened the garage door but luckily our trash had just been taken out,” Siegel said.

So, what attracted the bear, leading it to cause all that damage?

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“Gummy bears… his own kind, I guess,” Siegel said.

Siegel said she had left a sealed package of the chewy, rubber-like candy in her car, part of a gift basket she had received earlier in the week.

Siegel admitted that the family is usually pretty good at keeping the trash locked away and their doors locked since they live in bear country, but she said this was just a reminder to be diligent living in the mountains.

“Lock your doors, even if you don’t have much in there. That would be my lesson,” Siegel said.

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It’s a bear-eat-bear kind of world.

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