Driver clocked at 188 km/h on Highway 63 in northern Alberta: RCMP

Police in northern Alberta say they pulled over a number of excessive speeders on April 10 and April 11. Supplied: RCMP

RCMP in northern Alberta said they have been dealing with drivers travelling at higher speeds than usual over the last few days.

On April 10, police said a driver was spotted speeding on Highway 63 near Wandering River by on officer on patrol. According to the officer’s radar, the driver was going 188 km/h in a 110 km/h zone.

On April 11, six more drivers were recorded at speeds of 174, 164 and 163 km/h, police said.

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“This trend is alarming in that with the higher speeds, the higher the risk for serious or deadly collisions,” Cpl. Curtis Harsulla said. “A false sense of security can be felt between dry roads and a divided highway, however at these speeds variables can change in a split second.

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“Wildlife entering the roadway, winter damage and potholes on road surfaces, or an unexpected lane change from another motorist can all turn deadly in an instant.”

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The driver stopped on April 10 is scheduled to appear in Boyle Provincial Court in May.

Drivers travelling more than 50 km/h over the posted speed limit must appear in court. Fines typically range between $1,000 and $2,000 and there is potential for a jail term and licence suspensions for up to six months.

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