Canadian military needs more rules around spying operations: watchdog

ABOVE: Security watchdog recommends more rules around Canadian military's intelligence operations

A national-security watchdog is calling for stricter controls on the Canadian military’s spying.

In a report released Tuesday, the national-security committee of parliamentarians says National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces have one of the largest intelligence programs in Canada, yet these operations get little outside scrutiny.

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Foreign cyber interference “very likely” in Canada’s upcoming federal election
Foreign cyber interference “very likely” in Canada’s upcoming federal election

The MPs and senators on the committee say the government should consider legislation to govern defence intelligence activities.

They also recommend the military be required to report annually on its intelligence operations.

The committee found that defence agencies carry out a full range of intelligence activities, collecting information through technical means, human sources and investigations.

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It says these activities entail considerable risks, including possible infringements on the rights of Canadians.



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