New West mayor gets into wrestling ring for Royal City Rumble

Jonathan Cote, the mayor of New Westminster, got in the ring on Saturday night and laid a smack down on his opponents, Team U.S.A. in front of a full house at Royal City Centre.

New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Cote has proven himself tough on renovictions — but it turns out he’s even tougher in the wrestling ring.

The mayor ended up victorious as one half of the Royal City Defenders at the Royal City Rumble wrestling event Saturday night, partnering with local business owner Rish Koya, a.k.a. Mr. India, to lay a beating on Team U.S.A. in the middle of the Royal City Centre food court.

Cote — or, as he’ll forever be known at city council, Johnny X — said he trained for over a month to prepare for his first-ever wrestling match and was hopeful before the event that it would pay off.

“I just saw how much the community, and especially the kids, have come to love the free events the Royal City Wrestlers have put on over the years,” the mayor said backstage. “They asked me to take part, and here I am.”

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Cote, who has previously taken part in the event as a guest referee, said he felt like a “fish out of water” among the other wrestlers taking part but was confident his nerves wouldn’t get in the way.

“Sometimes in life, you just have to go for it, you know?” he said.

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Johnny X had nothing to worry about. The mayor and Mr. India dominated Team U.S.A’s “The Ideal Reflection” Christopher Ryseck and “The All-American” Azeem the Dream in the ring.

Cote even got to deliver the final elbow that won the match.

There was plenty of love for Cote on social media, not only from voters but also from city councillors and other Metro Vancouver politicians.

Most agreed that they were proud to call themselves New West residents.