3rd option for designating sex on Saskatchewan driver’s licence added

Customers have the option to designate their sex on Saskatchewan-issued driver’s licence or photo ID with a non-gendered option by indicating X. Saskatchewan Government Insurance / Supplied

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) customers are now able to choose “X” for an unspecified sex designation on their driver’s licences and photo identification cards.

The third option to accommodate people with diverse gender expressions or those who do not wish to disclose their gender came into effect on March 25.

Penny McCune, chief operating officer of the Auto Fund, said SGI is committed to inclusiveness.

“We recognize that some of our customers wish to refrain from identifying as either female or male or any gender at all on their identification,” McCune said in a press release.

“Customers now have the flexibility to designate their sex on their ID with an F or M, or choose a non-gendered option by indicating X.”

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After a Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench ruling in May 2018, the Saskatchewan government was ordered to issue birth certificates without a sex designation to two minors who requested them.

SGI said its move towards offering an X designation adheres with the ruling.

“We’re excited to see this change,” Jacq Brasseur, executive director of the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, said in a press release.

“As conceptualizations of gender and sex evolve across Saskatchewan and the world, a move to an unspecified option means that all people — whether they’re transgender, non-binary, or simply people who don’t think their gender needs to be on their IDs — will be able to have identification that most accurately represents who they are.”

Anyone can make the third selection upon request at any authorized motor licence issuer in the province. No documentation is required and there is no charge to make the change.

The Saskatchewan Crown corporation said the policy change is not yet Canada-wide nor international.

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SGI cannot guarantee its driver’s licences or photo ID cards with an X designation will be accepted by other organizations, businesses and government agencies.

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