Free tax filing program offered for people in Regina living under poverty line

H&R Block and Carmichael Outreach are working together to offer those living under the poverty in Regina free tax filling. Derek Putz / Global News

H&R Block and Carmichael Outreach are teaming up this week to offer free tax filing for those living under the poverty line in Regina.

Clayton Shearer, the district manager for H & R Block in Saskatchewan, said it’s a great opportunity for residents to see the benefits of filing taxes, such as getting a GST return.

“We’re super excited we get to participate. Last year we did about 425 returns across Canada and found over $1 million for those people,” said Shearer, adding the program is part of their social responsibility program.

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“The system is complex and a lot of people don’t realize that the way you get the benefits and credits that are available to them, is by filing your taxes.”

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Rochelle Berenyi, the communications, advocacy and projects officer for Carmichael Outreach, said tax season can be a stressful time people, so offering this service is extremely rewarding for those struggling.

“For a lot of folks, they don’t necessarily have the educational background, no one has really taught them to do taxes on their own. I know for myself, I never learned in school,” Berenyi said.

“So for most people, they ended up going in and paying for tax services.”

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The problem, she said, is a lot of people don’t have the money to afford the cost of paying someone to file their taxes.

“What may seem like a pretty low cost for some people, it can make or break another person’s week,” Berenyi said.

“Being able to come and access this free tax clinic means people can actually come and get their taxes done, when they may not have been able to otherwise.”

Carmichael Outreach is located in the basement of the YWCA building at 1940 McIntyre St.

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