Burnaby city councillor says advanced voting in byelection is unfair

Burnaby City Councillour Colleen Jordan/ Source: City of Burnaby.
Burnaby City Councillour Colleen Jordan/ Source: City of Burnaby. City of Burnaby

A Burnaby city councillor is raising red flags about what she says is an unfair system for advanced voting in federal elections.

Colleen Jordan says she brought her voting card to Burnaby’s Poppy Residences, just three kilometres away from her home, ready to vote in the all important Burnaby-South byelection.

But she says she was turned away and told she needed to vote at her designated polling station seven kilometres from her house and across the freeway.

“There’s two that are under four kilometres from where I live, but nope I have to vote at one that’s seven kilometres from where I live,” she said.

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Jordan blames the federal government for not paying attention.

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“Someone who obviously is not familiar with Burnaby is drawing circles on a map and saying everyone within this radius needs to vote here, when that’s across a freeway and a long distance from where I actually live.”

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She says advanced polls are important because the byelection is on a Monday this year, making it harder for voters to get to the polls.

“It’s on a Monday, a work day, to get that time to get to your work place, home, and then still to a voting place sometime that night, not that easy.”

Advanced voting goes until Feb. 18, general voting day is Feb. 25.