Vancouver Titans make their big eSports debut

Vancouver's pro overwatch team will be called the Vancouver Titans. Vancouver Titans / Overwatch League

Vancouver’s newest sports team has its first game Saturday.

The Vancouver Titans don’t play on the ice or on a field, instead they play in front of a computer screen, hitting buttons while playing the popular shooting game, Overwatch.

The eSport team is owned by the Aquilini Group, which owns the Canucks, and the teams wear the same colours.

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ESports expert Chris Golden says the league is growing at a rapid pace.

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“In 2019 alone the industry reached $1.1. billion, year-over-year it’s a 27 per cent increase,” he said.

He says the Overwatch league has 20 teams across six countries, all playing the same video game.

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“Simply put, it’s what’s called a first person shooter, the view being you being in first person as you’re playing and for the simplest explanation, shooting at other people.”

The Titans will be playing against Shanghai in their league debut, spectators can watch them play online.

The game starts at 4:30 p.m. PT.

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