Red light cameras in full effect at three ‘high-risk’ Regina intersections

Click to play video 'Red light cameras in full effect at three ‘high-risk’ Regina intersections' Red light cameras in full effect at three ‘high-risk’ Regina intersections
WATCH: Regina drivers have to be extra careful when driving through intersections, now that the red light cameras at three major intersections are in effect – Feb 1, 2019

The City of Regina replaced four broken red light cameras at three different intersections in December, but gave residents a 60-day grace period before ticketing. That time is now up.

“Part of the reason was to inform motorists the Red Light Safety Program was back in place and the other was to make sure the equipment was operational and working fine,” said Norman Kyle, City of Regina’s director of roadways and transportation.

The cameras are snapping red light offenders at intersections deemed “high risk”:  Lewvan Drive and Dewdney Avenue, Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive plus Albert Street and Parliament Avenue.

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Getting caught results in a $230 fine.

“I know I haven’t always stopped at red lights before, but now that I know that I’ll actually stop and make sure I don’t get caught,” said Shayla Svenson.

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The city says it’s all about safety. In 2017, there were 92 collisions at these three intersections, six caused by running a red light.

“Intersection crashes are typically of the most severe because of the angle of the accident – they’re typically t-accidents,” Kyle said.

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But some drivers are skeptical the cameras will change driving habits.

“For some people, it doesn’t matter. Money isn’t a factor for them,” said Schar Louttit.

“It’s like people using cell phones – increase the fine. Make the punishment fit the crime,” said David Fuller.

The city says there were 300 red light violations in December, but going forward, that doesn’t mean all violators will be fined.

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Regina police will view the recordings and issue tickets accordingly.

Authorities hope the cameras act as a deterrent, however, they know not every driver will curb bad behaviour.

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“Sometimes you can’t stop foolishness,” Louttit said.